Saturday, January 15, 2011

Naya Renew the Earth

I have been looking for clogs for sometime now and I finally was able to purchase one. This clogs is very comfy and simple. It has platform wedges so I can walk with it, soft suedes, and has the space for my wide toes. This particular clog is called the Naya Irina eco friendly clog.

I was just looking at their website and they are another one of the eco friendly companies. I'm thinking of buying another one.

This is not a sponsored post

New blog

Happy New Year! (It's late but it's still January).

I made a new blog because I've seen so many mom bloggers who does reviews and this will be my blog for reviewing websites, food, clothes,school items etc. Although my other blog became so general and I'm also doing reviews there, I hope this blog will be a success too.

Please join me in my journey.
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