Monday, April 25, 2011

A Blogging Story: Intentional Conscious Parenting

Thank you Ces for sharing our blog with your readers. 

Intentional Conscious Parenting is a parenting blog co-authored by two best friends. Carol and Stacy. We have been best friends for twenty-five years. Our two families have grown and expanded together. Stacy has two girls. Carol has two boys.  Over the years while raising our children we figured out the kind of parenting and children's books that we were looking for were not always available. We decided that someday we would write our own children's books. We have completed our first children's picture book. It is in manuscript form and is being sent off to literary agents around the country. While we are working hard on getting our first manuscript published we decided to create a blog as our writers platform. What we didn't know at the time was how fast our blog and all our connections would begin to grow. We are so grateful for all the amazing parents, grandparents, readers, authors and children we have met through our writing already. We hope you will come pay us a visit. 

Intentional Conscious Parenting is not your typical parenting blog. It  is a place to share ideas on raising children with a focus on inner connectedness, trusting our intuition, connecting with our angels, mother earth, celebrating each child's uniqueness and bringing out their inner creativity.  We feature guest authors, reviews, giveaways and live author chats. Inspiring articles and on occasion talk about the publishing journey. Parenting is a process and we all learn as learn as we go along. The gifts our children give us during the parenting process is priceless! We believe in supporting the inner light of every child.

We have a Intentional Parenting Blogfrog Community that is an extension of our blog. Our Blogfrog community is interactive and fun. Parents and grandparents are welcome to join in, introduce themselves, share their links and start conversations. 

We look forward to meeting you! When you pay us a visit be sure to sign up for our newsletter. This is our way of keeping in touch with you. Sharing our live chat updates and contacting the winners of our giveaways.
Carol also have another blog Incredible Creatures where she writes about animals/pets/nature and more.

Thank you for submitting a guest post, I just went over to your blog and I love it. I will have to spend more time reading more posts in the future. To my readers, check out their blog, as already mentioned, it has great information about parenting.


Ever Perceived said...

Thanks for posting your link, I'm now following both of your blogs, and sorry I didn't follow back sooner. I'm really interested in that blogfrog community I'm definitely going to check it out!

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Newest follower. Found you on Follow Me Back Tuesday (Blog Hop). Please stop by & follow my blog when you have time. Thanks!

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Hi there!
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Carol And Stacy said...

Thank you so much for sharing our blog! We do hope you will come and join our community. Everyone is welcome.

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Hello! I am stopping by from FMBT Blog Hop! I am your newest follower! I cannot wait to read more. I hope you will stop by and follow me back :)

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I Love Darly!
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lovely topic, keep it up.

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