Monday, April 11, 2011

Ruby Tuesday: Days Inn Hotel

Here’s my very first entry to Ruby Tuesday. Can you tell I am enjoying this memes too much?
Me and my daughter were wearing red as you can see on the pictures.

Since my blog is about review, I would take this chance to also write about Days Inn Hotel where we stayed in Springfield Missouri last February. It is clean, has two queen sized beds, has a nice flat screen TV, has a place to hang your clothes, has a table and storage areas. The only thing that I was not happy about is that there was not much space to move around, so if you have a toddler, it may not be a kid friendly for you. However, I would say that it is priced right. I am not sure if they offer bigger rooms.  Overall, I am satisfied with our stay. They leave a friendly note after they clean the room. They have “booklet” explaining some household rules and how they are going green and encouraging their customers to conserve.

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STEF said...

Your daughter is such a darling! Hope you can visit my daughter's entry and mine too! Thanks! Happy RT!

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