Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snyder's of Hanover Pretzels With Recipe

Do you love pretzels? A brand of pretzels that I just learned about is Snyder’s.  I will grab one of these at my local grocery store.  As I visit the website, I am just eager to try their various pretzel flavors. I might even join the Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzel Eaters Club because I love pretzels so much.

This time of year most of us make the decision to eat more healthy and make better choices when we are shopping or food or planning our weekly meals.  There are many ways to make our food more healthy, one is to cut out some bad additives that may be bad for us.  Some examples are monosodium glutamate, corn fructose, butter, egg yolks, and many others.  We can plan healthy meals, but most of us want a snack throughout the day to give us some additional energy or tide us over until dinner time.  Some healthy snacking tips would include cutting out the obviously bad choices for snacks, including candy, chocolate, ice cream, donuts, bonbons, and others.  Another tip would be to limit calories, because the real way to lose or maintain weight is to cut calories.  My third healthy snacking tip would be to become educated about healthy foods and snacks by downloading an app to your smart phone that can help you track calories burned and food additives.  Most of these apps are free and can make tracking your food intake interactive and even fun.  You could have a contest with friends to see who can eat the healthiest. 

One of the great recipes I have run across recently is called Hawaiian Pretzel Salad.  The recipe is simple and goes like this:

In a standard cake pan, combine the following ingredients in three layers making sure to complete the layers in succession:

            First Layer
            1 cup crushed Snyder’s pretzels
            ½ cup white sugar
            1 stick butter
            Second Layer
            8 oz. Cool Whip whipped cream
            8 oz. Philadelphia cream cheese
            ½ cup white sugar

            Third Layer
            1 can crushed pineapple which is drained of liquid
            2 tbsp. corn starch

Bake the first layer for 10 minutes at 325 degrees.  Then mix the second layer and spread over the first layer.  Lastly, mix the two ingredients for the third layer and spread over the second layer.  Spread another layer of Cool Whip whipped cream over the third layer.  Cut into serving size and enjoy with your family and friends.

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SocialMoms said...

What an interesting Hawaiian Pretzel Salad recipe!

Mom Daughter Style said...

thanks Socialmoms, I love participating at your discussions and programs.

imriz said...

oh, loved to try the recipe:) thanks for sharing.

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