Monday, January 30, 2012

More Lights Please

We need more lights in our apartment. We have so much natural coming in during morning and afternoon but when the sun comes down, it seems that we are in the dark. The only bright lights that we have is at the dining area and the kitchen.  We can look at different lighting fixtures at the big box stores and they have some very nice ones, but I still would like to save some money and will probably just use additional lamps.

While looking at lighting options, I’ve found a couple manufacturers of lighting fixtures that I really like their styles and varieties.  One is Savoy house lighting.  They have everything from bathroom vanity lights to outdoor wall sconces, including beautiful chandeliers and ceiling fans.  Another maker of light fixtures that I think has a good variety is Thomas lighting.  They offer pendant lights and many types of ceiling lights, along with everything you might need for your outdoor spaces.  The internet can give you so much information even with the little things!

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