Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ecommerce Still on The Rise

Ecommerce is one of the trends now. People who have businesses not only rely on the classic word of mouth or physical advertising signs. A lot of businesses uses ecommerce consulting and ecommerce web solution to advertise their businesses. We see variety of reviews online made by people. I, myself rely on internet reviews when I am buying items online especially if it is a more expensive item.

My blogs especially my main one, has given myself and my family many freebies. I was also able to make extra income by blogging. It is not much but I am not complaining. Sometimes, I think about my past and how I managed to survive without internet at school. During college, there was internet but I was not introduced to it sooner. I had a very traditional way of learning back then. Kids nowadays are so lucky to have the internet and I consider myself lucky that I am able to use the web now with all the quick information it can give.

Do you have experience with business services, good or bad? I think the world will be much different if we did not have the web. Even charitable institutions are using the web to spread the word about donations. I’m also glad that the SOPA (internet censorship) did not push through.

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