Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby Hats

If you are expecting or have a little baby, you probably enjoy dressing your little bundle of joy. I used to buy cute baby hats, baby booties and outfits. I remember receiving a lot of cute baby gifts during my baby shower. Now, my daughter is already a preschooler based on her age, I still like to dress her up at times. But now, she would pick up what she would like to wear and I let her. I think she enjoys dressing up too. She has her favorites. I still don’t know how it will be like when she gets older. She would probably decide all by her own. I think I will give her the freedom to choose when we go shopping online or at the stores.

I was just looking at the blog under There are so much cute faces to see.  Where do you shop for baby stuff? Do you have a favorite website for babies? One of my family members is expecting her baby. I will be an auntie again soon. Having a baby is always an exciting time.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Accounts Department Online

If you're running your own company, or if you work for a company, there is one thing in common, someone has to do the Accounting functions.  Accounting is one of those classes that everyone dreads in college, and for good reason.  Not many of us can make any sense out of debits and credits, and all those accounts could make you stressed and you might even make a mistake and it could lead to an audit by the IRS.  It's becoming more popular than ever now to outsource many functions in business, including Human Resources, Payroll, IT, and Accounting.  By outsourcing the Accounting department, you free up your time to focus on sales and building your company.  You can outsource all the common functions of an Accounting department, including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Financial Reports, etc.

There's no need to hire Accounting clerks to do the tedious work, let someone else do it for you.  If you live in England, you can access Accounts Department Online and outsource those Finance functions that require someone with experience and knowledge to complete competently.  They can even answer Accounting-related telephone calls and do the company payroll.  Accounting is a difficult field that I would definitely outsource if I were running a company.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Making plans

Written by my friend Constance Hayden

I do not know how often I looked up satellite provider information on this website, It seemed like before my husband and I committed to a provider, all we did was talk about the possibilities. I think it is fun to do that sometimes. We like to just throw out every potential option or opportunity, even if it is extreme, and imagine what our lives will be like. It is a bit far fetched sometimes, but we both like to just have this fictional story time about things. I think the talks about vacations and where to go is a bit more fun to do than TV channels, but we definitely still got pretty into the possibilities for our channels. The firs thing he went to was about the number of sports games he could watch. I told him I might sneak in the other room when he put on games to watch something else. The thing we could both agree on was watching movies together and the National Geographic channel. I think the movies make sense since we enjoy stories and imagining the potential of plans!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Have you done your Spring cleaning yet?  We don’t have the four seasons in a tropical place like Hawaii but I’m thinking of doing some decluttering. It can be a challenge as my husband is always busy and I would say I’m not too strong when it comes to  lifting things around the house. A lot of our items are made of solid wood. It seems my apartment is getting smaller so I’m thinking of doing a minimalistic approach so our space would look bigger.

I can also do some decorating like place some meyda tiffany lamps lighting in our living room. Our bathrooms need some new lighting too. I found a Meyda tiffany bathroomlighting that would be good. Another challenge of trying to get rid of items are we live in a high rise building so we have to schedule the elevator to transport the furniture downstairs. The trash truck also comes every month so there is a schedule of putting the bulky items at the side street.  Having a toddler that is very active is always a challenge when you are doing some cleaning in your house.

Do you have tips for Spring cleaning on how to make it easier?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bulk Headphones

Now that we live in a high technology kind of society, gadgets and tools are pretty much everywhere. You’ll see people jogging who have fancy headphones. Headphones can be used for phones, computers, and IPads.  

Encore Data Products Inc. are providers of bulk headphones. They also have lots of other products to choose from.  I think they cater more with retailers.  For my craft materials, I usually buy in bulk and online to get the best prices.  Some other products that Encore Data carries are health care industry items, audio visual carts, shredders, toners, hard drives and some eco friendly green items.

Please visit if you would like to purchase some of the mentioned items above. Their website is easy to navigate and you’ll see pictures of what they are selling and at the left bar, you can click on some links that tell you more about the company. They have a blog too.  They carry many brands like IBM, Epson, HP and Logitech. Some gadgets that they offer have free shipping.

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