Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thoughts On Breast Implants

The most intensive I have done for beauty so far is teeth whitening.  I haven’t done any liposuction and the last time I went to the dermatologist was for my acne. However, when I see celebrities especially moms who just had a baby, I wish I have a little more money to spend. I specifically want my stretch marks to vanish. Why? They are not just stretch marks but they are also dark spots on my tummy.  Most people I know have them in white but mine are dark brown. I researched about it and there is a non-surgical laser procedure to reduce the stretch marks.
Would you do breast implants if you have the option? I don’t think I will but maybe if I am flat-chested. I don’t like to judge other women because they are getting these procedures. I think we are basically made to like the feeling of being pretty. Most women wear makeup everyday so I believe there is nothing wrong with wanting to look better.
Someday, I admit that if I can afford it, I will be willing to undergo minor plastic surgery to give my face little lift.
For more information about breast implants, you can go to http://www.rianmaercksmd.com/. They have amazing before and after pictures. This post is brought to you by their website.


Camilleta said...

I don't think I would ever get breast implants. The major surgery I want is to fix my eyes! My eyesight is terrible. As a purely cosmetic surgery, I wanted a nose job as a kid, but have come to accept my nose the way it is. Maybe when I'm older, if my stretch marks haven't gone away yet, I'll wish to get them removed with that cosmetic procedure you mentioned, but probably won't have the extra money lol!

Leontien said...

If you are healthy you soudn't have to "improve" yourself. Your pretty the way you are!

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Terry Bayer said...

I wouldn't mind getting a gO-Od job if needed. It doesn't really matter what others think. If you know that it can be good for you, then go for it. You know what's best for you.

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