Sunday, August 14, 2011

Disney Resorts Orlando

The summer vacation season is coming to an end soon with the kids going back to school and we get into the daily grind of going to work each day thinking about deadlines and getting the kids to soccer practice. Soon, while sitting in our cubicle, we’ll be daydreaming about going on vacation and the beach, but unfortunately we will be brought back to harsh reality by traffic jams and stop lights. But there‘s an alternative because it’s always sunny and warm in Florida, where you can vacation any time of the year at Disney World in Orlando. I haven't been there but I read so much about it. I can't wait till I can take RC to one of the Disney Resorts Orlando.
The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin is an award-winning deluxe Disney resort hotel. You can stay at other hotels in Orlando, or look for Orlando hotels near Disney, but you won’t be able to match the convenience of staying inside Disney World. The Swan and Dolphin is located between Disney’s Epcot Center and Disney’s Hollywood Studios and very close to the other major attractions at Disney World, including Disney‘s Animal Kingdom theme park. At the resort, they have great amenities like restaurants and lounges, five pools, two health clubs, tennis courts, and lots of other great things to make your stay more enjoyable. Go to and check out the Swan and Dolphin resort.
Again, you can share your experiences with me. I've been seeing a lot of blogs where they go to Florida and I think Disney is indeed a  happy place especially for kids.

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