Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Have you done your Spring cleaning yet?  We don’t have the four seasons in a tropical place like Hawaii but I’m thinking of doing some decluttering. It can be a challenge as my husband is always busy and I would say I’m not too strong when it comes to  lifting things around the house. A lot of our items are made of solid wood. It seems my apartment is getting smaller so I’m thinking of doing a minimalistic approach so our space would look bigger.

I can also do some decorating like place some meyda tiffany lamps lighting in our living room. Our bathrooms need some new lighting too. I found a Meyda tiffany bathroomlighting that would be good. Another challenge of trying to get rid of items are we live in a high rise building so we have to schedule the elevator to transport the furniture downstairs. The trash truck also comes every month so there is a schedule of putting the bulky items at the side street.  Having a toddler that is very active is always a challenge when you are doing some cleaning in your house.

Do you have tips for Spring cleaning on how to make it easier?

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