Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Making plans

Written by my friend Constance Hayden

I do not know how often I looked up satellite provider information on this website, It seemed like before my husband and I committed to a provider, all we did was talk about the possibilities. I think it is fun to do that sometimes. We like to just throw out every potential option or opportunity, even if it is extreme, and imagine what our lives will be like. It is a bit far fetched sometimes, but we both like to just have this fictional story time about things. I think the talks about vacations and where to go is a bit more fun to do than TV channels, but we definitely still got pretty into the possibilities for our channels. The firs thing he went to was about the number of sports games he could watch. I told him I might sneak in the other room when he put on games to watch something else. The thing we could both agree on was watching movies together and the National Geographic channel. I think the movies make sense since we enjoy stories and imagining the potential of plans!

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