Friday, January 27, 2012

Driving Tips

I would say that I don’t drive at all now because we only have one car and and we have a great bus system here in Oahu, HI and we live close to town so everything is accessible.  We only have one parking spot here at our apartment and the street parking seems to be always full. I know that is very unusual here in the United States but I am originally from the Philippines where most people don’t drive. I did drive some before though but very little. My husband helped me with this post.
1. Always pay close attention to what is going on around you. Always drive defensively, look out for other drivers. Always check behind you when you back-up to make sure you don’t run into something. Keep your mirrors adjusted so you can see what surrounds you.  
2. Obey all traffic laws. Always make sure you and your passengers are wearing your seat belts. Pay attention to the stop lights, speed limits, pedestrians and other cars. Leave space between you and the car infront of you. Don’t follow too closely.
3. Keep your car in great condition. You will have to do regular maintenance like changing the oil so you don’t have breakdowns on the streets. Check your tire pressure frequently to make sure it is the correct amount. Your tires will not wear out early this way too. Have your breaks checked at least once a year. If your breaks are worn, you will have a hard time stopping. Check your lights frequently to make sure none of your light bulbs are burned out. Check your battery so you won’t be ending up somewhere where you are unable to start your car.
4. Don’t drive when you’re stressed or upset. Just like they say that you don’t drink and drive.  I believe that people who are mad needs to calm down too because at times it affects they way they drive.
5. Make sure you have car insurance and keep your car registered. This will prevent you from being pulled by the cops and the insurance is always a good thing in case there is an accident, minor or not. 

Here are some additional tips: 
Always be a courteous driver and don’t have road rage. Here in Hawaii, they say, “Drive with aloha”. Most drivers are courteous and this makes the driving on the road easier and less stressful for everyone.
Make sure you have enough gasoline and not wait for the fuel gauge to go down to empty.

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