Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hawaii Real Estate Market

We live in the beautiful state of Hawaii, and love almost everything about it. But there are trade-offs and one of them is the cost of living. The cost of real estate in Hawaii is high, but there are some places on the mainland which have similar prices, like San Francisco and New York. The Hawaii real estate market varies greatly depending on which island you’re considering. Oahu has the most expensive median home prices, but it has the most job opportunities and pay is generally higher there.
Most of the homes on Hawaii would be considered quite different from homes on the mainland. They are mostly wooden and have an island style to them. The yards are much smaller than in other states, but there’s no need for heaters and the grass stays green all year. Many homes have fruit trees,  including mango, papaya, banana, etc. There are a few neighborhoods near the ocean, and anything with an ocean view will be more expensive.
In order to learn more about the Hawaii real estate market, you should use the information on Zillow is well known for providing extensive real estate information, including estimated home values, plus what the sale price was for homes in the area you’re considering. They can provide estimated rental prices and what you can expect to pay in taxes.

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Just Jenny said...

Hawaii is my favorite place in the entire world and I have been to many places. I have been there many times, and my friends parents have a place on Kauai. I would absolutely love to buy real estate there! Maybe one day :)

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Jenny @

Mother Dear said...

I'd love to see the islands some day. New follower

Theresa said...

It looks beautiful where you live. Think it will be a few years before I jump into the Hawaii real estate market though.

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Des said...

Hi Ces! :) Checking out your other site. :) Best Regards! :)

Mom Daughter Style said...

Des, thanks for visiting this other blog

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