Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cruise to Alaska

It’s been so hot recently. Summer is definitely here and is not going away anytime soon. This could be a record setting summer full of 100 degree days in the Midwest and Northeast US. On days like this, I think how nice it would be to go to Alaska and enjoy the cooler temperatures. But how would you get to Alaska? Some might drive, but that would be a very long trip through Canada. I’ve heard it’s a beautiful drive, but who has the time? Another option would be to fly. That’s quick, but then you would have to rent a car to get around seeing glaciers or trying great Alaskan seafood.
I think the ideal way to see Alaska would be on a cruise ship. Every desire would be pampered to, including room service and all the Alaskan seafood you can eat. Cruises are consistently rated the best vacation experience by travelers because they can relax and let the staff take care of everything.
One of the best website devoted to Alaska cruises is offer a full range of cruises with many dates and cruise lengths to choose from. They have a toll-free number to talk to a customer support representative. They include excellent Alaskan seafood and breathtaking views of glaciers and mountains. So stop sitting under an air conditioner and get out and enjoy your summer in cool, beautiful Alaska.
This post is brought to you by Thank you. I would love to see Alaska and we'll definitely consider Cruise Vacation Center.

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