Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Website Review: The Steam Team of Texas

Do you live in Texas and needs professional help with upholstery cleaning? You can check out The Steam Team of Texas, here’s the  website—  They don’t only provide carpet and upholstery cleaning but a lot of other services that includes hardwood floor refinishing, rug and leather cleaning, water extraction, construction services, pet odor treatments and more.  Here are some other links:

water & fire damage restoration austin
tile sealing products austin

I don’t live in Texas but I was comparing the websites we have here locally and there is nothing like The Steam Team of Texas that offers so many services. You can get a quick quote or order online through their website.  This company has over 25 years of cleaning experience.
This company also gives back to the community by being a donor and supporter of local organizations. They are also going “green”.  It’s great to learn more about going green companies. I am trying to be environmentally friendly nowadays too through recycling and using green products.

This post is brought to you by our friends from The Steam Team of Texas. Thank you for allowing me to review your website. 

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