Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crowd Control

Many of us go to trade shows to see the latest gadgets or get ideas on how to do home improvements. We have gone to car shows and other types of trade shows, but haven’t made it to the Baby Expo yet and my  daughter is already a toddler. Some things all these events have in common are signs and displays to provide information and to control large crowds. 


Some methods for crowd control are stanchions which are those chrome poles that usually have a velvet rope hanging on them to keep people in lines or restrict their access to an area. You’ve seen them at the movie theatre or the bank. Some locations use barricades to keep people in line, such as at a grocery store when you’re checking out. If you’re planning an event or you just need signage for your retail space, you should check out They offer items for crowd control, but also informational items like signs and displays.

How about you? Do you like going to trade shows despite of the large crowd? It's really hard for me now since I had a child.

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