Friday, March 11, 2011

A blogging story: Becoming Super Mommy

Becoming Super Mommy tells the tale of one wild ride after another.  From her husband's brain cancer diagnosis the day after their engagement, through fertility treatments and and a dramatic emergency c-section, tackling their new lives as a family.  Cancer survivors, students, fighting through unemployment and home ownership, parents of twin girls, and building a family with two religions and two lifestyles, things never seem to calm down for Becoming Super Mommy

Even so, Becoming Super Mommy will make you laugh with her through her daily life, share joy in the successes and victories of motherhood, and occasionally shed a tear.  If raising children is an art, then Becoming Super Mommy could teach a master class, layering her canvases with love and and levity.  The result is timeless- the ongoing story a truly unique family living in truly unique times.  And celebrating every day as a treasure.


You can check out her blog at You'll find out she is truly a super mommy!

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mimilovesall8 said...

wow! Bless you!
I love your pics.
I followed you so will you please follow me back.

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