Friday, June 24, 2011

Zenni Optical Review

Many of us find that as we get older we have difficulty seeing things clearly. When we were younger we could read dates on coins and directions in our favorite recipes. But now things are getting blurry, and you’ve made an appointment with your optometrist and have been told you need glasses. You’ll be given a prescription and you have the option of buying expenses frames and lenses at the optical shop, or you can save lots of money and buy your glasses online.

You can spend over $400 for a pair of glasses at your local optical shop, or you can go online and get $6.95 prescription eyeglasses which are made for you using your prescription. I have a close relative who has bought two pair of glasses online and gives them raving reviews. You can even buy eyeglasseswith tinted  lenses which will cut down on the glare from the sun when you’re outside on a sunny day. You can also order prescription sunglasses online and save even more money.

One of the websites that I’ve found for buying inexpensive prescription eyeglasses online is If you’re looking for reading glasses or glasses that you’ll wear all day, check out their website. You’ll save so much money on glasses you’ll wonder why you ever thought of spending so much at the local optical  shop.

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Anonymous said...

I ordered some from here and they were perfect but I havent been able to find them for months. Ugh.

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