Sunday, February 19, 2012

Clipix review: Clip it Your Way

Clipix is a new program that you can use to “clip” things that you found online. You will just have to place a “clip” button on your toolbar. It is pretty easy to do it because you just have to drag it from their website.  Registration is fairly easy too, you’ll just have to use an email and password.
Once you use clipix, you’ll find that you can clip items online so you don’t have to search for it again. When you see something interesting online and you don’t have the time at the moment, clip it and it will be there at one of your boards. There are boards that are already made and you can also make new ones.  
What do you think you’ll use the clipix for? I am using it to store craft ideas that I want to do with my daughter one of these days. I also store some news articles so I can read them later. Other boards that I made are “wanted to buy” and “recipes to try”. We’re planning on a vacation so I think I will also use Clipix for sights to see.
I think you will like Clipix too. You can also use it on your Iphone and you can share your clips with Facebook and Twitter.

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