Friday, February 24, 2012

Having A Dog in An Apartment Building

It has been known that one of the special joys you can have in your life is to have a pet or pets.  Living in an apartment building can be a little hard for someone who owns a dog, but when we had a dog, we adapted our daily lives in order to make it work.  Sadly, since we don’t have any relatives here. It became apparent that we have to let him go because we have to go on long vacations and we needed to move to a new apartment which most of them don’t allow pets. Back then, we would wake up at 5am to take our dog for a morning walk and then go to work.  Later, when we came home, he was ready to go again, and then he was good until the next morning.  I don’t know if that’s normal, but our dog only needed to go potty twice per day, and he worked out great for an apartment dweller. 

You’ve probably seen your friends and neighbors walking their dogs in a park that welcomes dogs, but you might wonder how everyone disposes of the dog waste.  It’s simple, the parks that welcome dogs usually have pet waste stations for the dog owners to dispose of the waste from their pet.  That keeps the park clean and the city or county can then dump the waste.  But what will your little dog do while you take them to the park?  Some parks have dog exercise equipment for the canine pets to enjoy so the dogs will stay in good physical condition and live long happy lives. 

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