Monday, April 23, 2012

Grandma's Birthday

Earlier this month, we celebrated my grandmother’s birthday during my vacation at San Francisco, CA. I think she was surprised that we cooked and decorated my brother’s home for her birthday. It was a very late celebration by the way but she was out of the country at the time of her exact birthday.  It was good that it has become a part of my vacation too to celebrate such a special day. There was no fancy birthday invitations and there isn’t a lot of people, it is basically just me and my daughter, my brother’s family and few friends. Honestly, we don’t know how old she is too except that she is in her 80’s. I miss my grandmother and other family members in the mainland but now I am back in Hawaii, miles away from them.

We had banana lumpia, pancit palabok, fruit salad, siopao and other Filipino food. For my non-Filipino readers, these might all be foreign sounding to you. We also bought some mango cake at the nearby bakeshop. I love mango cakes. I don’t normally see them often. Since I left the Philippines, I hardly eat any mango too. They are so expensive here. Anyway, back to my grandmother’s birthday, we were thinking of giving her something but we cancelled because she is going back to the Philippines soon and she might not be able to take all her stuff. I also gave her some cash that she can use during the earlier part of my vacation. She has probably used it though to buy us some food (again) while we were there. She has always had a kind heart especially to her family and does not want to take gifts but always want to give.
Here are some pictures I took before her small party.

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