Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blog Follower Caravan- My First One!

This is my first one and I am excited to join this follower caravan.

I am a mom to one, I own two blogs Mom Daughter Style and Mom Daughter Reviews.  Blogging is one my favorite hobby. I love posting new entries as well as reading and looking at pictures from other blogs. I'm Asian currently living in the US. I work full time and I love the weekends because it is my chance to spend 24 hours a day with my family. Motherhood is the best thing for me. I am a bargain hunter. Except for food, I usually don't buy anything else for full price.


♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Nice to meet you Mommy....Blogging is very helpful specially for us who lives away from family and friends and have no one to talk to most of the time.
Thanks for visiting my WBFC's 9th entry at The Bloggers Journal.I'm your newest follower now.

Anne said...

Hi Sis, dropping here and nice meeting you.
anyway here is my entry: My Weekend Caravan!

I am one of your followers also. Hope you can do the same in my blog. See you!

divine said...

Nice to meet you, Mommy and your daughter.

I am your newest follower too! :-)

momgen said...

From WBFC thanks for coming by my place...followed you.

rjs mama said...

so nice to know you thru WBFC :)

followed, would love to see you at my ONLINE JOURNAL

MommaWannabe said...

Thanks for visiting and nice to meet you
Life of a Filipina Blogger
Online Chikadora
Happy Home
Diva Fabulosa


☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

Nice to meet you mommy, sana next time may name na tayo matatawag hehehe like mommy ____ hehehe

Following you here via WBFC

Nichole said...

Hello from your newest MBC follower!

Cielo said...

Hi sis,

Visiting from WBFC # 9 Entry No. 7

I had been frequenting this blog even before, what makes it remarkable to me is that kayo ang Mommy at daughter na cute tignan at minsan parehas ng porma heehhe. I love it! I missed the days nung baby pa ang aking 17 yrs old na dalaga...

I am already a follower thru GFC.
Brown Pinay
My Point of View

domestic {cherry} said...

visiting from WBFC 9...

haha, we have two things in common. i love the weekends and i'm a bargain hunter. i never pay full retail on anything. i always wait for shops to go on sale. i have this motto.

if it isn't on sale, it's not for me.

following you already...=)

hi ruby,

you're one tough momma! i know my story can be compared to a telenovela but yours can be made into a movie at magiging box office hit pa. a lot of people can relate to one or two of your problems and experiences but not too many people or not even one person can say that she has gone through all that you went through and still find herself ready to face a few more rounds.

hang in there coz God rewards good people. I so believe that.

Thanks for being an inspiration to a lot of us pinay mommy bloggers.

following you always=)


hello mommy.. added u, here's mine

air said...

hi mommy im air so glad to meet you im your new follower

hope you pay visit mine
From wala to okay
Raketer Mama

Kristi said...

I am a new follower here! Glad to meet you and thanks for following Moms Own Words!

maicel said...

Hi, Sis! You and your daughter look so pretty :)
Nice to meet you!

Coming from the WBFC. You can find my entry here:

Lalaine said...

Hi there! nice to see you here..and thanks for dropping by!.your follower now too..:)

caroline said...

dan dan dandannn! i an your 100th follower!! love it! and kudos for bargain hunting, i wish i could be like you.


bambie said...

hi there! visiting from WBFC.☻ great to meet new blogger friends like you.

lerra said...

hello..nice to know you here.. followed you through WBFC..hope you'll do the same..see you on mine..tnx!

bev said...

hi mommy! followed u...hope u could follow me back at momsicle

Pepper said...

Hi Mommy :)
I am a bargain hunter myself.hehe
am here through WBFC. pls visit my entry too

Mum's Daily Musings said...

Nice to meet another bargain hunter here. Followed your blog.

Pinx said...

Hi mommy! what's your name by the way! hehehe. i believe i exchanged links with your momdaughterstyle i guess... anyways, nice to meet you again! visiting you here!

here are my blogs by the way:

Pink Memoirs
Hands Full of Life
These and Those

Hazelicious929 said...

Hello from ND! Blogging really helps us especially we are away from our loved ones in the PI. Followed you here.

seth said...

hi! new follower from the caravan...

Mars said...

Hi mommy! didn't catch your name there. :) nice to meet you and daughter, she's an angel!

following you through WBFC! ^^,

Mars @ The Life Encounters

Simply Dyes said...

nice meeting you :) you and your daughter are adorable :)

Mine is just a short entry.

Have a great week!

Rossel said...

It's nice to know you, Sis. i am a bargain hunter too, always waiting for the mall-wide sale. lol! i am your newest follower here. hope you could follow mine too.

Kayce said...

Hi mommy! its so nice to meet you. I am now your new follower of your lovely blog here.

crazyme said...

Glad to meet you through WBFC, Mommy! I also love looking for bargains and would wait for mall sales to buy those "wants". I hope you'd take time to meet me and my family at

melandria said...

Nice to know you more. Your new follower here. Hope to see you around and hope you can join my blogging giveaway.

My Blog Caravan Entry
Follow me Here too:
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Hope you Can join my Blogging Contest:
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Lulu Post said...

hi nice meeting you mommy. Anyway, please visit my WBFC-Everything Alabama and I am your newest blog follower.

Jadeingua - 01.20.11 said...

Pretty mom and daughter! Thanks for the visit and comment!Followed you already!

See you around!


Under My Fingertips said...

It's nice to meet you but what's your name??? :)

WBFC9 #51.

darly said...

i think one thing we all have in common here at PMC is bargain hunting, lol

Nice to meet you and im now following you thru GFC.

Know me better here , leave some sweets and follow me too. Have a great week!
I Love Darly!
Food and Passion

AC said...

Hi fellow bargain hunter! ;) nice meeting you mommy... visiting here through WBFC. followed you too.
AC here of Happy Home Working with ACmomCee
Come Dine In
Join My Stroll
Cheeky Munchkis

Gene said...

Hi Mommy, nice to meet you. I just noticed though that you didn't specify your name.

I'm your new follower.
- - -
know more about me here: wbfc: who is gene?

sHeNgKaY said...

nice meeting you mommy..mommy ano nga ba?..hehhe..

visiting from WBFC and follow you #124..
Thanks for following in advance!
Shengkay Random Nest
Shengkay’s Journal

Ane said...

Hi Mommy! Nice to meet you! :) Visiting you from WBFC, you can view my entry here. Followed you GFC as well, hope you can do the same.. :)

jared's mum said...

i agree that motherhood is the best, it is the best thing that ever happened to me too!
nice to know you + your lovely daughter...stopping by + following via wbfc^^

May said...

Beautiful mother and daughter pic! Nice to get a little glimpse into your world, thanks to WBFC.

I am #62 {the last!} on this week’s WBFC. Do drop by for a visit.

Followed you on GFC and will be updating my blogroll to link you up. Hope you can do the same for me!


Edsie said...

nice to meet you!!!

Followed you already..
Hope you could visit my site too!!
9th Weekend Blog Follower Caravan: Meet the Blogger

Cookie said...

Hello mommy! nice to meet you. Cookie here. Followed you already. Hope you'll follow mine. tnx.

Here's my entry:

Irish said...

nice to mee you mommy! i think you forgot to write your name hehe see you around :)

followed your blog here's my entry:

Eunicyl said...

hello there, I've read you other entries, we have the same thing in common,I also love reading fashion blogs. Your daughter is so cute.

Nice meeting you!

lyzacruz88 said...

Nice knowing you here mommy...I'm a new follower...hope you can visit and follow mine

purethoughts said...

hi mommy! i am already your follower from before.. and nice to meet you here again!!

STEF said...

Followed you here mommy! Your daughter is a cutie!Hope you can visit me at my other blogs:
Sweet Life of A Big Sister
Stitches of Life

Mhela said...

Hi there blog hopping here from wbfc 9.Nice to know you.My family is from US also in NJ what state are you? maybe we can meet someday.Hoping Here hehe..

Anonymous said...

This is a good blog. Keep up all the work. I too love blogging and expressing my opinions

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