Sunday, November 13, 2011

Facility Management in High Rise Buildings

We live in a high-rise apartment building which is made up of three towers.  Each tower has between 14 and 18 stories and there are 6 apartments per floor.  That means there are approximately 264 apartments in this complex.  We have lived in other buildings which had over 400 apartments.  Occasionally we have had problems with sinks backing up, ceiling leaks, wet carpets, etc.  Most damage to apartments and condos is caused by water leaks. 

Outside our beautiful complex we have tropical grounds with lots of palm trees and gorgeous flowers and grass.  There is also a swimming pool, a pool room, outdoor barbeque area, along with the parking garage.  All of these things have to be maintained by the Facility Management crew.  We have a team of about six people who work on building upkeep each day, and they do a great job.  But, if you worked in a large office building, you would need a much larger crew with lots of commercial housekeeping equipment to take care of everything.  I won’t take our maintenance crew for granted anymore and I should take the time to thank them when I see them for all the work they do making this place such a nice place to live.

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