Monday, November 7, 2011

The Gourmet Depot

These days I try to cook more often for my family because I am concerned about eating healthy, but I also want to save money by cooking at home.  We used to eat out more often, but I never knew if the food had unhealthy ingredients, and it became very expensive.  Since we cook at home more often, we wanted to upgrade our kitchen appliances.  We bought new cookware for stove top and for baking.  We also purchased a blender and food processor to make cutting up vegetables much easier and for mixing ingredients needed for a recipe. 

We don’t have a coffee maker at home, but I do like to drink coffee for breakfast if go out to eat early on a weekend.  I’ve found a great website for kitchen appliances, and even something hard to find like krups coffee maker parts.  The site is  They have a large variety of name brand products for your kitchen, or your restaurant if you own one. You can also buy parts for lots of name brand appliances if you need to repair a broken one.  We have a Zojirushi rice cooker that we’ve lost both the plastic rice spatula and the measuring cup.  I found both of them at this great site and the prices are very reasonable.

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