Sunday, November 13, 2011

IT Certification Courses

One of the fields which will see the most growth in the next few years is computer network systems administrator.  Everything we do these days is done on the computer, including laptops and tablets.  Almost all computers at work are networked in a local area network or wide area network, which means workstations are communicating with servers and employees can communicate across the network using email and applications. 

Network administrators are responsible for adding new members to the company domain and controlling access to company documents and other resources.  They also maintain the servers which have become so vital to the success of most companies.  But how does someone become a network administrator?  The key is education.  Education in the field of computers is normally accomplished through the use of IT Certification Courses.  There are many to choose from, but the most popular are Cisco and Microsoft certifications.  Cisco is mostly concerned with routers, and Microsoft offers a wide variety of certification courses ranging from network administration to database management.  Once you have gotten a certification you will be more marketable, but as in many fields, experience can also play a big role in getting accepted for employment. 

I participated in a campaign about IT Certification Courses. All opinions in this blog post are mine.

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