Sunday, November 13, 2011

Safety Management Software

Our daughter is getting to the age where she is running and jumping and sometimes falling and hurting herself or banging her head into a wall accidentally.  Kids at this age are learning new body movements, like jumping, but still haven’t fully developed their coordination skills, so falls are to be expected.  We try to protect her from injury by having a soft floor to play on, and the park play area has a soft padding below the climbing equipment so kids won’t be hurt if they fall.  All of these things are done for safety reasons, but what about safety where you work? 

Almost all work areas are covered by government safety regulations, and they’re designed to keep us from being injured while working.  But how does a company keep track of safety, injuries, and regulations?  If they’re smart, they would use some type of safety management software to track things more easily.  You can check out software available at  They offer Occupational Health & Safety software to help any business keep workers safe and to track safety efforts.  If you’re a safety officer at work, or you just want to educate yourself about safety, you should take a look at their website. 

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