Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bad Habits Are Hard to Break

I have the bad habit of drinking diet colas all day long.  I probably drink four  to six per day and I get nervous and apprehensive if I try to go very long without taking a drink of diet cola, so I understand what bad habits are.  Some people smoke cigarettes, and that’s considered a bad habit by almost everyone.  Diet colas may be somewhat unhealthy, but smoking cigarettes has been proven in many scientific studies to be very unhealthy and leads to all kinds of bad conditions like lung cancer.  So it only makes sense that people should make every possible effort to stop smoking as quickly as possible. 

Photocredit: thesafecig.com

One of the problems with cigarettes is that they are addictive because they contain nicotine, but also people who smoke get used to lighting up a cigarette and seeing the smoke rising as they take puffs.  There are products on the market now that mimic the cigarette smoke without actually lighting up a real cigarette, but still providing an amount of nicotine to the user. 
The websit Thesafecig.com is an Electronic Cigarette Company that offers smokers the chance to enjoy controlled amounts of nicotine without the tar and carbon monoxide from real cigarettes.  They don’t have a flame or ash and are cheaper overall than real cigarettes.  They can be part of a plan to quit smoking by reducing the amount of nicotine intake but still mimicking many of the activities involved with smoking a real cigarette. You can consult your doctor and ask about them if you are thinking of quitting or have a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.
I participated in a campaign for TheSafeCig.Com, all opinions are my own.

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