Thursday, September 8, 2011

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming; I’m pretty excited about it. Did you purchase your costumes yet? I and my daughter RC will be sailors this Halloween. I like to match our outfits once in awhile while she is still young and she does not mind.

Sometimes, costumes are not very size friendly. WomanWithin.Com has petite to Plus Size Halloween Costumes. They also sell variety of woman’s clothing and accessories. I subscribed to their email and I get notices whenever they have promotions going on.
Halloween is an enjoyable time especially for the kids. I used to not celebrate it when I was still in the Philippines. I did however go to the cemetery on November 1st which is All Saints Day but we did not wear costumes even when we were kids. I heard that more people there now are celebrating Halloween too.
I want my daughter to have a great childhood and I don’t want to miss this kind of events for her. We’ll be trick or treating and we’ll probably be cooking some kind of meals on that day.
How about you? How do you celebrate Halloween? I do respect if you don’t cause we are entitled to practice what we believe in.
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