Friday, September 9, 2011

Bedspreads and Comforters

Those of you who live in the northern states know how cold the winter months can be.  The cold of winter even makes it down into the southern states a few times each winter.  Here in Hawaii, we don’t even think about cold weather, except when our friends and family from the mainland call and tell us how cold it is and we feel sorry for them, but feel lucky we live in Hawaii.  During those cold winter nights, nothing feels better than a comforter or bedspread. 

Comforters do exactly as their name implies, they comfort you because they feel so warm on those cold nights.  Bedspreads are not only decorative, but they also keep you warm on cold nights, but they can also be used throughout the year because they’re not as heavy as a comforter.  You could use a bedspread even during the spring or fall, but maybe not during the hot summer months. 

We have bedspreads and comforters here in Hawaii, but they’re mostly for decoration, then we remove them at night and sleep with only a sheet or a very light blanket during the winter months.  I look forward to the time we move to the Midwest and we can use blankets to keep us warm because I think they can brighten up a room and can more easily be used for interior decorating. 

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