Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Self Publishing

As a blogger, I feel that I am a writer. Do you feel like you are a writer by having your own space to write through blogging? Has anybody done self publishing? I don’t plan on making a book for now but there are a lot of writers out there who received recognition like the author of Harry Potter. 

If you are ever given the chance to publish a book, what would it be about? I will probably do a craft book. My crafts are very easy and most people can do it. A lot of mothers are choosing to share their experiences by making a book about crafts and cooking.

I think most people have something to share and we can all be authors. It may not be as hard as we think. We can all start writing, organize our words and turn them into a book. You can go to to learn about how to make your own book. They even offer a self publishing guide book for free. I love the writing tips that they also provide.

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