Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saving Money While Learning At Home

School has started in most of the states. I remember when we decided that RC will go to the childcare which they also consider preschool here; we had to buy a lot of school supplies. She just turned two at that time and I wonder how much more we will spend if she is already attending the real school. My plan is to try to home school RC till she reaches the age where she can go to the first grade. Preschool is very expensive and we don’t qualify for any type of government help.

I love that there are some dollar items or discount school supply that we can get for our kids. There are also blogs that specialize with homeschooling so I can get some ideas from them. My main concern right now is that she is not going to develop much socially because it is just always me and her at the apartment. I take her to the park so she can play with other kids but most of the time she just enjoys running by herself and sliding.  She enjoys going to the swimming pool too which is another free activity that we do.
Here’s RC using her first scissors that I got for her.

You cannot beat this creativity! The lunch bag doubles as a hat. She painted on her dress too. We did some fabric painting on some of her shirts. I'll share it some other time.

I participated in a campaign about saving on school supplies. Please be informed that all opinions are mine.

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