Monday, October 17, 2011


One of the last things most of us want to do is contact a lawyer because we are being sued and we need legal representation in order to fight the lawsuit.  Choosing a lawyer is a very important decision and you should not just pick a name out of the phone book because a good lawyer is worth their weight in gold.  Legal firms and courts use the services of deposition service companies.  Soon after a lawsuit is filed, the lawyers on both sides of the suit must gather testimony from any parties that have knowledge of the disagreement and to gather facts which can help lead to a fair solution.
One of the ways to gather data and testimony is to require witnesses to give depositions.  During a deposition, you will be asked to give out-of-court testimony that is recorded and used later during the litigation.  It is normally questions asked by both attorneys and usually a judge is not present.  The deposition is taken either in the office of the court reporter or in the office of one of the attorneys.  If you are an attorney or work for a legal firm in Texas, you might consider using the deposition services of DepoTexas Deposition Services.  They offer a full range of services related to depositions, including court reporting and interpreters. 

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