Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Love Sexy

If you are still searching for a Halloween costume, you can check out They do offer sexy lingerie but they also have costumes, accessories, shoes and even some kid’s outfits. I hope nobody gets offended as I share this website. A lot of woman nowadays is more comfortable with their bodies based on my observation. Here in Hawaii, seeing women is very usual especially if you go to Waikiki.

I am certainly more comfortable with dressing up now that I am older than when I was younger. I think women should feel beautiful. They say beauty comes from within but we can also feel that if we do something on the outside. We can express ourselves by the type of clothes that we wear.
Here are some of the items I got from their website. I think the price is reasonable especially the tutu with leggings for kids. It is less than $20.  There are also gloves and masks that are less than $6.

Are you going to wear a costume this coming Halloween? I will wear a costume this time because even moms can have some fun too while trick or treating.
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