Friday, October 21, 2011

Healthcare Uniforms

I wrote for Blue Sky Scrubs before and it’s always a pleasure to visit their website. I would buy from them if I am in need of a scrub. Their scrubs look very comfortable but durable. I’ve also seen other reviews from people about their scrubs and all of them are positive.

If your husbands are in the medical field and you want to purchase a scrub for them you can view this website- Blue Sky Scrubs also offers women scrubs and other healthcare uniforms. I think their designs are classic and they have a lot of colors to choose from. They seem to also widen the variety of their scrubs and their website seems to keep improving.

For those who are mommies and have kids, Blue Sky Scrubs have kid’s scrubs. Kids love to pretend they are doctors and nurses. This just gave me an idea for my soon to be three year old.  I need to buy her first some gadgets. She seems to be very scared when we go to the doctor so this might help her. I am also thinking of taking her to the dentist for the first time.

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