Monday, October 31, 2011

Impact Signs

Have you ever thought about how many signs you see every day and what impact they have on our lives? There are signs everywhere from highway traffic signs to signs at the park letting us know where the hiking trail starts. There was an episode of Curious George that my daughter was watching, and one day George removed all the signs at a park, and all the park visitors were confused about where the picnic tables and other things were located and soon there was chaos. It was a dramatization of the importance of good signs and the positive benefits we receive from them.

 I have seen some very impressive signs lately on new office buildings, and I have wondered where they came from or what the expense might be. I did a search on corporate signs and found a great website called When I checked out their website I noticed they have a very wide variety of signs that should fit any customer’s needs. One particular sign that was most impressive was a bronze plaque that could be used for business or personal use. They have signs made of many materials including metal and glass, and offer customer service and installation if you need it. So if you’re looking for a sign or plaque for your home or office, you should browse the selections on their website.

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