Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Heart California

It seems that for the past few days, I’ve been blogging about moving including the previous post which is a guest post. I mentioned that if ever I move to another state, I would like Florida or California. I’m sure I will love California because I have family there.  I stayed there before and I don’t mind going back either on a vacation or stay there for good.  However, my husband is from the Midwest so I think if we ever move, that’s where we are going. He’s talking more about it now and he’s already researching about employment, open enrollment, Medicare Supplement Insurance, housing etc.  I think I would be okay as long as we do things on the weekends and I’ll be glad if we are able to travel more especially to California. The flight will not take so long from there.

The thing about Hawaii when you live here is that we’re in the middle of the ocean.  We cannot drive to go to different states and the flights are getting expensive. I love to travel and I wish we can do it more often but it is pricey especially now that my daughter cannot get free airline seats anymore. It does not really feel that we’re isolated because there are millions of people here in Honolulu but I just realize whenever we decide to travel.

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