Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tips For Keeping Your Family Cold and Flu Free

Cold and flu season will be starting very soon, and just like every other family in America, we want to keep the colds to a minimum because they not only keep the kids out of daycare or school, but they can also lead to lost work days and maybe even pay.  Some of the things we try to do all the time are keeping our hands clean and washing bed linens frequently.  We have hand cleaner in each bathroom and in the kitchen so each member of the family can sanitize their hands prior to eating and also while preparing food. 

I think many of the germs associated with colds and the flu come from the exchange of germs from one person to another.  Our daughter has also gotten into the habit of washing her hands frequently and that should continue on into her adult life since she’s made a habit of it so early.  Then we also wash our bed sheets and pillow cases frequently during this time of year. 

The laundry detergent and hot dryer will kill all the bacteria and germs, which will help keep the number and severity of colds and flus to a minimum.  Many children also get ear infections this time of year, so we have a couple of tips for reducing those too. 

I think one of the best tips to reduce ear infections is to keep the cold and flu germs away from your child as much as possible.  Use the tips listed above, and also keep them vaccinated and away from other sick children if you can.  I think most children who get ear infections have to see a doctor and get antibiotics, but you have to remember to use antibiotics sparingly and make sure you use the entire bottle and don’t stop after the symptoms have gone away. 

Another tip for reducing colds and the flu are to travel less on airplanes this time of year if you can arrange your vacations around it.  Airplanes are an enclosed space with the air being recirculated throughout the flight, so some of the germs will naturally get passed around, but the airlines make every effort to use filters on the plane to stop the transfer of germs during the flight. 

I remember during the SARS scare that some airports had scanners in place to detect people who were running fevers.  Then they would either not allow them on the airplane, or make sure they were under the care of a doctor.  So, keep yourself and your family healthy and practice cleanliness and take some precautions this time of year, and the number of colds and flus should drop this year.

Lysol started the Mission for Health. They now have new mom programs, healthy habits programs for schools and disaster relief efforts.  We know that Lysol is one of the experts in killing germs and they produce variety of products for our household. I love that they are very easy to use and effective. It’s great to know that when we use Lysol at home, we’re contributing something for the community.

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MomEO said...

I love essential oils during cold and flu season! I diffuse lemon or orange essential oil to kill germs. Essential oils are antiviral as well as antibacterial, so when my kids show the tiniest sniffle, I use a blend called OnGuard that has been shown in studies to kill the flu and even MRSA. Ear infections, I put a drop of melaleuca (tea tree oil) on a cotton ball and place it over the ear. Kicks it so fast! No need for antibiotics. We've all been so much healthier since I discovered essential oils.

Anonymous said...

I use essential oils to clean with and in my bath oil and in my conditioner. My bestie is a nurse and told me that they guess every year as to what flu virus strain it may be and that you could be getting a flu shot for a strain that never comes your way.

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