Friday, September 9, 2011

Wide Calf Boots

Boots are very obviously the fashion craze of the past few years because everywhere you look there are ads for women’s boots and when you go out to the malls there are real life women with boots on.  Women here in Hawaii don’t wear boots much because of the consistently warm weather, but on the mainland I know that women wear boots year round, but especially in winter when the weather is cold and their feet get cold.  And women’s boots come in a variety of sizes for all women, from petite to women of larger proportions.  I wear such a small size that it is very difficult to find any shoe in my size, but most women wear common shoe sizes.  Some women have small calves and others have large calves. 

If you are a woman with larger calves, you’ll need wide calf boots.  There is nothing worse than a shoe that does not fit, so make sure you buy a pair of boots that fits you well.  After I move to the mainland I am sure I will be wearing boots and looking fashionable in them throughout the year.

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