Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cheap Phone Bill With Straight Talk

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I’m one of the few who does not have a smart phone yet. I’m thinking of getting one. I used to have a Blackberry but I was not too happy with the internet access. Overtime, I heard that smart phones have improved a lot and the internet is working fast.  

I honestly don’t get many phone calls and I did not even get the unlimited text on my phone. Every time I send and receive a text, I get an additional charge.  Now, I am a stay at home mom and I am doing some work at home jobs, I want to be on top of the game and have an internet access on my phone. However, I don’t want to get charged for other services that I don’t use.  At my current phone provider, they have me Hook, line and sinker because I have a contract with them.

I’m considering getting a Straight Talk because I can basically personalize my phone based on my usage.  I can also cut my phone bill if I switch. I’m already thinking that we can do more activities with the money that I will be saving.  The best part is that I would not have a contract so I can change my plan anytime. They have the Unlimited monthly service which also available for only $45 per month and include calls, pictures messages, text messages, and the internet access. I can even pick a phone with Android on Straight Talk.  

Straight Talk offers reconditioned phones or smart phones with lots of great features. Everything you need from Straight Talk for really reasonable low fees. International long distance is also easy by making a prepaid call at competitive rates so I can Call a friend in the Philippines.


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