Friday, September 23, 2011

THAT Advertising Agency

Are there certain commercials on television that you can remember from your past?  How about the elderly woman who falls and said “I’ve Fallen, and I Can’t Get Up!” or Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?”?  There’s also the Energizer Bunny and all the great Coke commercials over the years especially at Christmas time.  Well they are engrained into our brains because they made such a big impact on us at the time we watched them.  They are all excellent examples of the affect that advertising has on us all, and how it affects our buying decisions for products and services. 

Almost all of the products we buy are heavily marketed to us by the manufacturers.  Many of us will try a new product just because we saw it advertised on TV, or heard about it on the radio, or one of our friends tried it and thought we might like it too.  These are all aspects of marketing, from billboards to internet popups, we’re targeted everyday by advertisers. 

There are some very large traditional advertising firms which the largest companies use, and there are some newer non-traditional marketing agencies that are trying creative ways to get your product into the marketplace. 

One of the contemporary advertisers is located  They’re called THAT! Leading Advertising Agency and offer marketing and advertising services which include public relations, event promotion, search engine optimization, and Mixed Media Marketing (M3).  M3 is a mix of traditional and internet advertising and marketing to promote a product or service.  So if you’ve got a new product or service that you would like to have help getting it into the marketplace, give them a try.

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